Primary Maths Resources (Exam Papers, etc)

Apart from preparing students between P4 and P6 for the PSLE as per the latest MOE syllabus, I also use relevant Math Olympiad  materials and resources to supplement my teaching.  This helps as non-routine questions are part of what is assessed during PSLE.  Of course, past year exam papers are essential part of the preparation for the PSLE.

You will find some past year papers at the end of this page for free download.  I have also included the links to the PSLE syllabus for your reference.

Assessment Books

If you are wondering what assessment and resources I find useful, do check out the following:

1.   Problem-solving processors in Maths - Fabian Ng (Educational Publishing House).

I recommend working on these from P4 onwards.  But only if your child has been able to cope with Math in school.

I will, over time, include more resources that I think are useful and hope that you find them useful too.

Online Learning Resources

Our tutors also coach on, the number 1 educational website today.  All students get to be members of the site and have full access to all the resources on the site.  In addition, their progress is monitored by our tutors so areas that the student is having difficulty is known and face-to-face lessons will deal with those areas in greater detail.

Free Past Year Maths Papers of Top Primary School

Some past year papers for you to download.  The answers are not prepared by me so I am not too sure about the its accuracy.  In future, I will be preparing my own set of answers to these past year questions.

Free Primary 6 PSLE Maths Papers from 2010 - 2012 includes the following Schools (33 papers):

SA2 2011 Rosyth, Red Swastika, Nanyang, Nan Hua,Methodist Girls, Hokkien Huay Kuan, Henry Park,  CHIJ, Catholic High, Raffles Girls, Pei Chun, Anglo Chinese, CA1 2011 Red Swastika, Rosyth, Nanyang, Nan Hua, CHIJ, Ai Tong and many many more

Free Primary 5 Maths Papers from 2009 - 2011 includes the following Schools (55 papers):

SA2 2011 Anglo Chinese, Henry Park, Nan Hua, Rosyth, Methodist Girls, Nanyang, Catholic, CHIJ, Tao Nan, RGPS, Ai Tong, CA2 2011 Nanyang, CHIJ, Nan Hua, Rosyth, CA1 2011 - MGS, Nan Hua, CHIJ, Rosyth 

Free Primary 4 Top School Maths Exam Papers from 2009 - 2011 includes the following Schools (55 papers)

SA2 2011 - Red Swastika, Tao Nan, Henry Park, Singapore Chinese Girls, Maris Stella, Rosyth, Methodist Girls, Ai Tong, Anglo Chinese, Nan Hua, Nanyang, Raffles Girls, Red Swastika, CA2 2011 Henry Park, Ai Tong, Nan Hua, CA1 2011 Henry Park, Methodist Girls, Ai Tong

Free Primary 3 Top School Maths Exam Papers from 2009 - 2012 includes the following schools (more than 100++ papers):

Primary 3 Maths SA2 2011 - Tao Nan, Singapore Chinese Girls, Red Swastika, Rosyth, Raffles Girls, Pei Hwa, Pei Chun, Nanyang, Methodist Girls, Nan Hua, Henry Park, Catholic High, Ai Tong, Anglo Chinese, CA2 2011 Pei Chun, Rosyth, Pei Hwa, Methodist Girls, Yang Zheng and many many more

Free Primary 2 Top School Maths Exam Papers from 2010 - 2011 includes the following schools (34 papers):

Primary 2 Maths SA2 2011 - Singapore Chinese Girls, Maris Stella, Tao Nan, Rulang, Rosyth, Red Swastika, Raffles Girls, Pei Hwa, Nanyang, Nan Hua, Maha Bodhi, Catholic High, Anglo Chinese, Ai Tong, 
P2 Maths CA1 2011 - Pei Chun, Rosyth and many many more

Free Primary 1 Top School Maths Exam Papers from 2009 - 2011 includes the following schools (67 papers):

Primary 1 Maths SA2 2011 - Raffles Girls, Red Swastika, Rosyth, Rulang, Tao Nan, Pei Hwa, Pei Chun, Nanyang, Maris Stella, Henry Park, P1 Maths CA2 2011 Holistic-Assessment-Review-3 Tao Nan, Topical Test 2 Pei Hwa, Topical Test 5 Nan Hua, Topical Test 4 Nan Hua, Topical Test 3 Nan Hua, Topical Test 3 Kong Hwa, Rosyth, Pei Chun, Nanyang, P1 Maths 2011 CA1 - Ai Tong Topical test, Nanyang, Pei Chun, Rosyth, Rulang, Kong Hwa Topical Test, Tao Nan - Holistic Assessment Review, Ai Tong (Shapes-and-Patterns)

PSLE Maths Syllabus

Just in case you are interested, you can find

PSLE Maths Info and Syllabus here; and

PSLE Maths (Foundation) Info and Syllabus here

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